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Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance is a "reimbursement" arrangement - meaning you pay in full at the time of your appointment, and then submit your receipt and records to the pet insurance company for reimbursement.

Most pet insurance also has strict policies regarding "pre-existing conditions," so we always recommend getting insurance while they're still young and healthy -- that way you have the best odds of getting reimbursed as things happen.

We strongly recommend both Trupanion and Embrace pet insurance, but any insurance is better than no insurance!

If you're interested in Trupanion, let us know during your next wellness exam, and we can provide you with a special exam-day offer that gives you the first month of insurance FREE!

The Trupanion Exam Day Offer Program


Trupanion medical insurance helps pet owners budget for unexpected injuries and illnesses. When pet owners are more financially prepared for the unexpected, it means more satisfied and loyal clients, an opportunity to practice best medicine, and most importantly, more pets receiving the care they need.


Trupanion’s one simple plan* includes:

     • 90% coverage for eligible treatments based on your actual costs, not a benefit schedule.

     • No per condition, annual, or lifetime payout limits.

     • The ability to pay your hospital directly with direct billing.

     • Coverage for congenital and hereditary conditions.



When a pet owner activates an Exam Day Offer within 24 hours after their pet’s exam, they receive:

     • 30 days of comprehensive coverage for all new injuries and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions.

     • Immediate coverage — all waiting periods are waived.

     • No upfront charges — no financial information is required.

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