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Dr. Mac Kenzie in Surgery

Veterinary Surgery is more broad than you would ever think, but our team is well-versed in a variety of routine and complicated surgical procedures. Midtown Animal Clinic's team takes great care with every step of your pet’s anesthetic or surgical journey. We will always perform pre-operative exams and counsel you on how to prepare your pet for the procedure they need, even if you're not having the procedure done here.


We administer all anesthetics with extreme care and caution, tailoring each pet's procedure to suit them and their emotional and medical needs. We run pre-operative blood work on any high risk patient, and recommend it still for the patients that may be considered "low risk."


We provide post-operative medications and instructions for nursing your pet through recovery, whether they need activity restrictions, special feeding, or bandage changes. Your pet may also receive follow-up evaluations with our care team to confirm that their recovery is on track, and to assess for complications. We won’t rest until your pet has reached the goals you've set for them and their recovery!


To reiterate, we do require pre-operative exams prior to SCHEDULING surgery, so we can discuss the necessity, the risks, and the game plan for your pet's operation. To schedule a surgical consult, just give us a call!

The Procedures We DO Offer

  • Amputations 

  • Cystotomies (removal of bladder stones)

  • Enterotomies (intestinal surgery)

  • Enucleations (eye removal)

  • FHOs (femoral head ostectomy)

  • Foreign Body Removals

  • Gastrotomies (stomach surgery)

  • Gastropexies (to prevent "bloat")

  • Hernia Repairs

  • Laceration Repairs

  • Mass / Tumor Removals

  • Neuters & Spays

  • Complicated Spays (i.e. Pyometras)

  • Porcupine Quill Removals

  • and more! Just ask!

Your pet will always have the best monitoring when they're under anesthesia. 

The Procedures We DON'T Offer

Midtown Animal Clinic's veterinarians share over 20 years of experience between the two of them, but there are still some procedures that we may refer you to a specialist for. We want your pet to have the very best care possible!


Midtown has built some great relationships with several specialty centers in the Phoenix area, and Dr. Wessel often covers emergency shifts with some of these centers. This makes the referral process very easy, and guarantees good communication with the staff and veterinarians at these practices.

In addition, there are many elective and/or cosmetic procedures that we do not offer simply because they are elective. Anesthesia is always a risk, no matter how young and/or healthy your pet is. We will never agree to place a pet under anesthesia unless anesthesia is absolutely necessary.


We typically refer the following procedures to specialists or emergency facilities:

  • Complicated Orthopedics: hip replacements, cruciate repairs (TPLOs or Tight Ropes), pinning/plating fractures, etc.

  • Surgical Emergencies that involve Sepsis

  • GDV (Bloat)

  • Mass Removals that involve Reconstructive Surgery

  • Endoscopies

We do NOT offer the following elective/cosmetic procedures:

In addition - please note that we also do not participate in breeding programs. If you plan to breed your pet, we're happy to offer advice and provide general wellness care throughout the process. But we do not offer artificial insemination or routine c-sections.

If you have any questions concerning surgery or anesthesia, just ask!

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