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The Midtown Team


Clyde - The Assistant to the Manager

Clyde came to us as a street cat who wasn't in the best of health. But now he's living the sweet life here at the clinic!

You can often find him at the front desk, napping his day away or asking for treats. When he's feeling fiesty, he can get a little mouthy - but don't worry, he's totally toothless!

Chiquita Banana - Nap Enthusiast

Chica joined our family in the Fall of 2021. She is supposedly in her 20s... but we're not so sure about that.

Chica is usually sleeping under the front desk, or hiding from Clyde in a different part of the office. She's also working on her fitness, so you may see us exercising her around the lobby.


Miss Jan - Receptionist

If you know her, you love her. Miss Jan has been in the field since the early '90s, and is a bit of a celebrity among our clients.

She's a great-grandmother, in every sense of the word, and she shares her home with four cats - Doc, Marty, Tobias and Magi.

Heather - Receptionist

Heather joined our team in April of 2021, and she's been a rockstar since day one!


Heather shares her home with a number of pets, but has a soft spot for the "little dogs." Her newest additions include two mixed-breed rescue puppies, Atlas and Feneas.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-21 at 4.28.16 PM.jpeg

Jayden - Technician

Jayden has been with us from the nearly the beginning! He started as an Assistant, and has been training as a Technician. He's also our resident Mr. Fix-It.

Jayden is shares his home with a cat named Bubby, a Rottweiler-mix named Tahoe, and a rez-mutt named Sap.

Rena - Technician

Rena joined our team in August of 2020, and she has a wealth of experience in the field!

Rena shares her home with a "super extra" rescue pup named Charlie, as well as several exotics - like leopard geckos.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-22 at 8.18.04 AM.jpeg

Martina - Technician

Martina joined the team in the Fall of 2021, and has an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. She is an absolute joy to work with, and one of the funniest people. She's also our resident Aussie/Heeler Wrangler. ;)

When she's not at the clinic, she's busy running the family ranch and spending time with her Heeler pup, Paige, a wild bunch of Aussie/Heeler mixes, and 3 cats who could never do wrong.

Brin - Technician

Brin joined our team in the Fall of '21 as an Assistant, and she's already worked her way up to Technician! She's always the first to offer help to the team, and we love her for it!

Brin is fairly new to Flagstaff, and shares her home with two Cocker Spaniels - Alaska and Kikimora.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-21 at 4.39.13 PM.jpeg

C.J. - Technician

CJ joined our team in early June of '22, and is in school for Veterinary Technology. She's not sure if she wants become a CVT or a DVM - but either way, we're excited to teach her eveyrthing we can! 

CJ shares her home with two pups, Hoyt and Sprocket.

Emma - Technician

Emma joined our team in the Summer of '22 as a Technician! Beyond her fantastic patient care, Emma is also one of Midtown's many artists, and she's always helping us out with pet portraits and marketing!

She shares her home with a Pitbull, Georgie, and a Beagle mix that goes by Rhody!

Emmas pups.jpg
Val's Pups.jpg

Valeria - Technician

Valeria joined our team in the Summer of '22, and is interested in going to school for Veterinary Technology. She has a lot of management experience, and she is always ready to take on more challenges throughout her training. 

Valeria shares her home with her cat Yuuki, and three pups, Lucy, Lexa, and her newest addition Rin! 

Courtney - Manager

Courtney has been with us since the very beginning, and we would be lost without her. She can cover any position, is adored by all, and has the patience of a saint!

Courtney shares her home with three cats - Freddie, Duey and Sammy - as well as a super short mutt (maybe Rottweiler-Basset) named Rogue.

2021-07-27 (1).jpg

Sam - Owner & Manager

Samantha started as a kennel technician a million years ago (or 2010, if you want to get specific). She has held every position within the clinic except DVM, and with that brings a unique perspective to her role as Owner/Manager. She is an NAU graduate, a member of the VHMA, AAFP-certified, and a soon-to-be CVPM (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager)!

Jake - Owner & Manager

With over ten years in the field and extensive experience in emergency veterinary medicine, Jake is a vital part of our team. He is so much more than most manager/owners are; he's responsible for our staff training, our advertising and marketing, and so much more.

He shares his home with Pyrenees/Malamute named Dash, a Cattle Dog/Lab named Tazzy, a Pit mix named Mattie, and a black cat named Iggy.

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