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How long do prescription refills take to process?
We know how important it is to make sure our pets get the medications they need, when they need them. But we also know how important it is to make sure that our pets are getting the RIGHT medications, and that we haven't missed an important exam or bloodwork.


In order to do our due diligence, most refill requests take 24-48 hours to process. While we make every effort to complete emergency refill requests, we can never guarantee same-day availability. This is especially true if you make your request late in the day or on the last day of the week.


What is required for a prescription refill?
Please be advised that ALL prescriptions (including prescription diets) require a current VCPR. The VCPR refers to an established relationship with the prescribing veterinarian. This relationship is only "current" or "valid" if the veterinarian has physically examined the patient within the last 6 to 12 months in a clinical setting (i.e. here in our office).

It doesn't matter if you're the doctor's best friend or cousin or neighbor. If your pet has not had an official physical exam at our office within the last 6 to 12 months, an exam will be necessary in order to request ANY medication. After all, our pets age must faster than we do, and routine exams are the only way to stay on top of their health!

My pet's VCPR / exam is current. What's next?
You have three options! You can request the medication through our in-house pharmacy, you can request the medication through our online pharmacy, or you can request the medication through another pharmacy (like Walmart or Chewy).

We are happy to fill your medication through our in-house pharmacy, but our supplies are limited and our inventory is small. If you need a large quantity or want something that might be "special order," we may advise you to use our online pharmacy, instead.

Luckily, our online pharmacy offers free shipping, auto-ship scheduling, and competitive pricing. It's also nationally accredited, and the medications are sourced directly from one of our distributors. You can even order just one heartworm chew at a time!!!

And for those of you that want to keep your money local - don't worry. You are still supporting us when you use our online pharmacy!

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