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Vaccines are the first step to keeping your furry family members healthy!

  • For dogs, we recommend:

    • Rabies

    • Distemper/Parvo (also known as DHPP, DAPP, 5-in-1, or "puppy shots")

    • Bordetella (for those pups with active social lives or grooming routines)

    • Leptospirosis (for avid hikers and those with at-risk family members)

  • For cats, we recommend:

    • Rabies

    • FVRCP

    • FeLV (for those that go outside or are often exposed to other outdoor cats)

  • Please note we REQUIRE rabies vaccines (or Rabies Titers) for all of our canine and feline patients - even if they are indoor-only! Rabies is always fatal and is endemic to Coconino County.

Annual Exams


Annual Physical Exams are just as important for our pets as they are for us. If you think about it, they're almost MORE important given our pet's accelerated aging. So much can change in one short year!


These exams help us identify any new changes that may affect their health and wellbeing. Our pets are so much tougher than we are, and by the time they finally admit to us that something is wrong, we've lost valuable time in the fight against whatever may be going on.


For this reason, we require up-to-date annual exams before we will refill medications or schedule routine appointments like nail trims.



If your pet is a homebody who already wears a collar with tags, you may wonder why you should bother microchipping them. But accidents happen! You may leave the gate open, a thunderstorm could spook your pet, or you might experience an emergency like a car accident or house fire. In extreme circumstances, your pet's collar or tags could get ripped off, leaving your pet completely unidentifiable at the worst possible time.


This is where microchips come in! Microchips are a permanent form of identification, and the microchips we use (Datamars / Petlink) come with free registration for life. We usually recommend microchipping while under anesthesia (like during a spay or neuter), as the needle involved is quite large - but microchipping can also be done during a regular exam.

Heartworm Disease & Flea/Tick Prevention

heartworm (1).png

Heartworm disease is just what it sounds like: a small parasite that infests the heart. These little pests are spread by mosquitos, and it is impossible to truly protect our pets from mosquitos - even in our community.

The best thing we can do for our dogs is give them heartworm prevention. This prevents the infestation from occurring by killing heartworms before they can become a threat. It also acts as a de-wormer for some of the common parasites that your pet may be exposed to on hikes or when camping.

Once upon a time, heartworm disease was not a concern in Northern Arizona because of our cooler climate - but this is changing. We now recommend all dogs receive heartworm prevention YEAR ROUND.

In addition, we also recommend monthly flea/tick prevention - especially for outdoor cats and those dogs that are lucky enough to go hiking and camping!

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