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Victory Visits are just one of the many tools we keep in our back pocket for those nervous patients that need a little extra TLC to get them comfortable with our staff and with visiting our clinic.

These visits are COMPLETELY FREE. That includes the cookies/treats we may use to bribe our way into your pets heart! Simply stop by when you and your pet are in the neighborhood, and our staff can get a current weight (it's never a bad idea to track your pets weight), give them a few treats, and shower them with love and attention to put them at ease.


That's it! You and your pet just go on your way - no temperature, no needles, nothing but fun! We do this with the hope that you both leave our office with a little less anxiety than when you arrived.


If you surprise us with a visit, please be patient if it takes a few minutes to get started. We will always make time for your pet, but may need to finish taking care of another pet first. 

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