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Associate Veterinarian

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Looking to make a change?

Midtown Animal Clinic could be the right fit for you. We're open Monday-Friday only, with no weekends, no evenings, and no on-call expectations. As much as we love our jobs here, we also love our time away from the office - so we prioritize flexible, reasonable, compassionate scheduling for everyone on our team.

​As an associate Veterinarian, you will work no more than four consecutive shifts per week - which means LONG weekends, EVERY weekend. We don't offer boarding, we refer all after-hours emergencies, and we transfer hospitalized patients to nearby 24/7 facilities whenever possible - so your evenings will truly be YOUR evenings.

We’re also closed on all major holidays. Which means you can spend Thanksgiving however you want -- be it with family and friends, or binge-watching true crime documentaries with the curtains drawn and your phone turned off. We support you, either way!

Experience is preferred (isn't it always?), but it's not absolutely necessary and we're open to mentoring new graduates. That being said, we also expect our Veterinarians to be willing to mentor our team. We promote a collaborative environment, where no question is stupid and no suggestion is ignored.

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