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Associate Veterinarian

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Looking to make a change?

Midtown Animal Clinic could be the right fit for you. We're open Monday-Friday only, with no weekends, no evenings, and no on-call expectations. As much as we love our jobs here, we also love our time away from the office - so we prioritize flexible, reasonable, compassionate scheduling for everyone on our team.

​As an associate Veterinarian, you will work no more than four consecutive shifts per week - which means LONG weekends, EVERY weekend. We don't offer boarding, we refer all after-hours emergencies, and we transfer hospitalized patients to nearby 24/7 facilities whenever possible - so your evenings will truly be YOUR evenings.

We’re also closed on all major holidays. Which means you can spend Thanksgiving however you want -- be it with family and friends, or binge-watching true crime documentaries with the curtains drawn and your phone turned off. We support you, either way!

Compensation will depend on experience and whether you're looking for full-time or part-time employment. We are SALARY ONLY, and we currently do not offer a Pro-Sal or Production-focused compensation package. Benefits are also open to negotiation, but typically include paid vacation, sick time, a contribution to health insurance, access to Aflac, and reimbursement of CE and other work-related licenses and dues.

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