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Veterinary Receptionist

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Looking to make a change?

Veterinary Receptionists are the face of the practice, and play such an important role in the customer experience. Whether you're a former Veterinary Technician looking for a position that's a little easier on your back (we feel you!), or you have customer service experience in another field, we'd love it if you considered us!

Our Veterinary Receptionists are responsible for managing multiple phone lines (we currently have three lines, but will soon have four), maintaining our main email account, communicating with clients through phone calls, text messages, emails, and masked-face-to-masked-face. Our receptionists also handle financial transactions - from running credit cards to handling cash to processing checks.

Our reception team also handles a lot of our record-keeping and document management. As an almost-paperless facility, this means you'll need to be comfortable with computers and learning new computer programs/processes.

Last but not least - our receptionists are the first and last line of communication. This means they need to be skilled in cutting through a client's panic when they call with an ill or injured animal. It also means coaching a client through the payment process and ultimately collecting payment.

At a glance, the Veterinary Receptionist position seems easy. But it's actually one of the more difficult positions within the clinic.
If you're up for the challenge, we hope you'll apply!

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