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Veterinary Technician

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Looking to make a change?

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team! If you are an experienced veterinary technician, we encourage you to reach out.

(Not certified? That's okay! We're still interested!)

Midtown prioritizes work/life balance. We offer flexible scheduling, and are only open Monday through Friday. This means no nights and no weekends! We're also closed on major holidays and we refer all emergencies after-hours. This means no holiday shifts and no on-call expectations! We're also allergic to overtime - not because we don't want to pay it, but because you shouldn't have to work it.

Pay depends on experience, availability, and work ethic - but typically ranges between $16/hr and $18/hr to start. Benefits packages are customized on a case-by-case basis, but all include an employee discount, paid time off, and earned paid sick leave.

While Midtown is not Fear Free certified (yet!), we do employ Fear Free practices and we hope to soon become an AAFP-certified Feline Friendly practice. Our patients and their wellbeing (both physically and emotionally) are our priority. We promote Victory Visits, the "less is more" approach (when possible), and "better living through chemistry" (i.e. pre-appointment medications like Trazodone and Gabapentin).

We also work hard to maintain a healthy environment for our team! Mental health matters; burnout and compassion fatigue are real. We don't tolerate bullies or mind games, and we have no desire to revisit high school. It doesn't matter if the offender is a client or a coworker... it will not be tolerated. Life is too short to put up with abuse!

So, if you're looking for that mythical "unicorn clinic" they whisper about in the Facebook vet groups, reach out. We could be that unicorn for you. ;)

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